Create a 1 page page paper that discusses primary source on female workers of lowell (1836).

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses primary source on female workers of lowell (1836). Female workers of Lowell This is a report that was written by an anonymous who explains about the typical weekof a Lowell mill’s girl. The author describes it is neither idyll nor terrible. This was the time when there were no cities in Lowell. Family farms occupied the Merck River in East Chelmsford. This was during the historical era when no development had talked place. At this time, discrimination was obvious. women were seen to have remarkably few capabilities away from home. Men were paid more than women despite the equal job they did, which was unskilled factory work (NWHM 1). However, women had some independence since they had the opportunity to work while the men stayed home and practiced farming. They were able to earn their own income through the jobs they did at the factory, and lived on their own, which gave them a feeling of liberation. This article was written with a purpose of exploring the life of the women who worked at the mills. Examine their living conditions at the boarding houses, where they slept six in a room, which were poorly ventilated (NWHM 1).

The author has taken the point of view of bringing out the strong woman despite the challenges they faced. The author talks about the challenges the women went through, and add to it the brave steps they took towards liberating themselves and finally succeeded. The author has made an assumption that if the women of Lowell had not taken that step of fighting for their liberty, then they would have remained in the poor conditions that they were in before (NWHM 1).

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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses primary source on female workers of lowell (1836).
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This argument is true since, before the women of Lowell decided to take the step of fighting for their liberation, their life was like that of a slave. They lived in poor condition, worked for long hours, and were paid little wages. Even, though, they worked, they did not get a fair return for their hard work. Instead of the job, they were doing giving them a feeling of liberation. it made them felt more enslaved (NWHM 1).

Works Cited

NWHM. 2007. 26th April 2012 .

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