COURSEWORK – Questions

There has been significant amount of research done on the relationship between non-audit service fees received by auditors and auditors’ independence. Some found that the amount of non-audit fees received by auditors influences audit quality, while others find that non-audit fees actually improve audit quality.


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COURSEWORK – Questions
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Critically discuss if non-audit service fees has an impact of auditor independence or audit quality. Suggest recommendations of how these issues may be overcome.

Tip: Discussion should demonstrate you have done sufficient reading/ research in this area. Ensure you cite relevant literature such as journal articles to gain maximum marks. Keep your discussion clear and concise as words are limited. Minimum 5 references required.

(2,500 words)

You may use the following journals and any other relevant journals for your review:

1. Non-audit service fees, auditor characteristics and earnings restatements

Authors: Deborah Bloomfield and Joshua Shackman Touro University International, Cypress, California, USA

Journal: Managerial Auditing Journal Vol. 23 No. 2, 2008 pp. 125-141 Emerald Group Publishing Limited

2. Auditor fees and audit quality

Authors: Rani Hoitash Department of Accountancy, Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and Ariel Markelevich and Charles A. Barragato Long Island University, Brookville, New York, U

Journal: Managerial Auditing Journal Vol. 22 No. 8, 2007 pp. 761-786 q Emerald Group Publishing Limited

3. Non-audit fees, disclosure and audit quality

Authors: Clive S. Lennox Bristol University, England,

Journal: The European Accounting Review 1999, 8:2, 239–252, EBSCO

4. Auditor Independence and Audit Quality: A Literature Review

Authors: Nopmanee Tepalagul1 and Ling Lin2

Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance 2015, Vol. 30(1) 101–121 The Author(s) 2014 Reprints and permissions: DOI: 10.1177/0148558X14544505

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