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Interview of International Manager

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The Assignment

Select a local company that does business internationally. Interview a manager from that company who is involved in the international business. Write a paper reporting the results of the interview.

Write up a report indicating the name of the company, the company’s address, the products or services they produce, the name of the manager interviewed, and the manager’s title. Explain what level of business involvement the company has internationally.

In addition, ask the following questions, and write a report containing the information:

  1. What entry method did the company use initially to go international?
  2. How do they participate in the international market currently and in what countries do they currently do business?
  3. Does the company use different entry modes in different markets? What influenced the choice of entry mode?
  4. How does the company receive payment for its goods?
  5. Does the company have any type of TQM program or any type of ISO certification?
  6. How have cultural differences affected the decisions of this business as it pursues international opportunities?
  7. Has local culture (in the foreign country) ever required the company to alter its personnel or corporate practices? Ask for specific examples.
  8. How do managers deal with cultural differences when negotiating across cultures?


Use MLA format. The paper should be a minimum of 4 double-spaced pages (using standard Microsoft margins and size 12 font).


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