This paper is on multiculturalism. I would like to do the subtopic of Urbanization under the main topic of Social Challenges. I will attach the instructions and chart for this essay below.CONTEMPORARY AND PROJECTED ISSUES REQUIRING INTERCULTURAL COOPERATIONSocial challenges     World population growth    Mass migration    Urbanization    Intercultural integration    Aging populations/declining birthratesEcological concerns     Competition for natural resources        Raw materials        Water shortages        Food scarcities        Pelagic resources    Environmental changes/degradationHumanitarian and legal cooperation     Disease control    Disaster relief    International mishaps    Transnational crime        Cyber crime        Intellectual propertyPolitical questions     International legal system    Scientific advancement ethics    Human rights issueSecurity issues     Weapons of mass destruction    Terrorism and piracy    Peacekeeping missions    Emerging threats        Sectarian and ethnic tensionsUnit 10 AssignmentIn Chapter 1, Table 1.1 of the text presents a menu of particularly salient issues confronting the globalized society, all of which have to be addressed through competent intercultural communication. You have been invited to address the United Nations on one of these topics.For this assignment, you will choose a topic from the table in Chapter 1 that you find most compelling and address one of its subtopics listed in the right-hand column. Using your own multiculturalism and diversity perspectives, propose a solution to the problem that you will present to the United Nations. Your goal is to persuade delegates to take action. Your persuasive essay should provide in-depth information on the following questions:What is the problem? (Elaborate using examples and statistics.)How have intercultural communication challenges made this problem more complex?How can you use effective intercultural communication to best address the issue?What issues of intercultural communication must you take into consideration to present this paper effectively?How has your own perspective on multiculturalism and diversity influenced your proposed solution?Your essay must be at least 1,200 words, include at least five academic sources, and be written in APA style. Provide a title page and separate reference page.Assignment RequirementsBefore finalizing your work, you should:be sure to read the assignment description above carefully;consult the Grading Rubric (under Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary; andutilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.Your assignment should:follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics;be double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font; anduse APA format and citation style.Unit 10 AssignmentGrading CriteriaPointsPossiblePointsEarnedContentIdentified a problem related to a topic from the referenced table and explains how intercultural communication has contributed to the complexity of the problem.15Analyzed how effective intercultural communication can best address the issue and proposed a solution that persuades the audience to act. 20Discussed intercultural communication concepts that must be considered in order to present argument effectively.15Explained how her/his own perspective on multiculturalism and diversity influenced the proposed solution.15Specific examples, references to the reading, and academic sources are used to substantiate analysis.15WritingPaper is at least 1,200 words. Assignment follows APA requirements and includes a reference page with at least five academic sources as well as in-text citations.10Total90

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