Construct an argument for free trade that you might give at the dinner table

Construct an argument for free trade that you might give at the dinner table.  Write a short paper (about two pages) in which you create an imaginary conversation with friends and family.  You can try this as actual dinner conversation, but you will be more successful in completing each element of the scoring rubric (below) if you make it up.  I suggest conducting a real-life “dinner conversation” and use that as a basis for your paper, then adding elements that might be missing.

Scoring Rubric:

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Construct an argument for free trade that you might give at the dinner table
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·         A seamless conversation that flows logically (a believable conversation) (4 points)

·         Free trade benefits discussed (include economic concepts) (4 points)

·         Protectionist views presented (4 points)

·         Concluding remarks that might sway an advocate of protectionism toward free trade (4 points)

·         Reflect on how difficult (or easy) this assignment was to complete.  How did you prepare for the assignment?  Did you write an imaginary conversation, actually try this with friends or family, or use a hybrid of both?  What would you do differently next time?  Did the assignment help you to gain insight into the issue of free trade versus protectionism? (4 points)

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