Considering Research Applications

Exercise: Filling in the Gaps 1/3 Cohort SCS-200-R3562-OL-TRAD-UG.22EW3 Fillin g in t h e G ap s On this page, you will consider any gaps in the research that you have completed. E xe rc is e : S ho rt A nsw er At this point, you should have a sizeable list of resources related to your social science issue. Examine what you’ve gathered. What gaps exist?

Answering the following questions can help guide this research activity to in those gaps. Type your responses to the questions in the textboxes below . Be sure to respond to each question in 2-3 complete sentences. When you are These responses will be graded. After submitting, you can edit your response by clicking “Edit.” Module F our: P erfo rm in g t h e R ese arc h In ve stig atio n, c o ntin ued | L earn in g B lo ck 4 -1 | P ag e 3 o f 3 Module Four Question 2 On the previous page, you identi Research whether anyone has investigated or created those applications. Note your Ready Skip T o… ( 1/30/22, 6:08 AM Southern New Hampshire University : Exercise: Filling in the Gaps 2/3 Soon you will be creating the research question, which is based on a thorough understanding of your social science issue. Are there any questions related to your social science issue that you haven’t supported or explored? Take some time now to check your initial list of questions by returning to Module Two: Exploring Social Science Issues, Learning Block 2-3. Assess whether there are any gaps or unanswered questions. Pro je ct W ork While researching, remember to add any credible resources that you your References List, which will be used for both Project One and T wo . Return to your locally saved Project One document to include these Subm it Module Four Question 3 After reviewing your initial list of questions, are there any that you have yet to answer by searching credible sites and gathering C.R.A.P .P.O. approved sources along the way? Make a note of those questions here, as well as your plan for answering them. Ready Subm it Skip T o… ( 1/30/22, 6:08 AM Southern New Hampshire University : Exercise: Filling in the Gaps 3/3 resources. Include the link to the source, the title of the source, the authors names (if applicable), and the type of resource it is (journal article, news article, chapter in a book, etc.).

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Considering Research Applications
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Any resources you include should pass the C.R.A.P.P.O. test. Be sure to evaluate each resource by this standard before including it on your list. Click here link to download a copy of The C.R.A.A.P .O. Test W orksheet. (CRAAPOtest.docx) You will submit this work to your instructor for a Progress Check at the end of Module Four , and your work will be graded . Refer to the Module Four Research Investigation Progress Check 2 rubric document in your learning environment to ensure that your response meets all grading criteria.

Please note: you will continue working on this list throughout this Module Four, and you will format it into APA style in Modules Five and Six.

Tip: Save yourself time later by keeping these organized in alphabetical order by the author’s last name! You have reached the end of Learning Block 4-1 . Click the Next button below to begin Learning Block 4-2. Copyrig ht © 2 022 M in dE dge In c. A ll r ig hts r e se rv e d. D uplic a tio n p ro hib ite d.

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