Consider the following while writing:

Considering everything we have covered this semester, in this last essay write about your growth as a writer.

Provide two typed pages of reflection on your own endeavors throughout this course. This assignment is open to your interpretation.  As long as you provide an insightful and thoughtful reflection on your time in English 102, you should receive full credit. This assignment cannot be turned in late and is due on or before the last day of class.

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Consider the following while writing:
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Consider the following while writing:

 What was the hardest assignment for you to write, personally, and why?

What do you think was the most rewarding skill or tool you have learned about writing this semester and why?

Which essay assignment was your favorite? Least favorite?

What would you like to have spent more time learning/reviewing?

What have you learned about yourself not only as a writer but in general?

Take time to consider the points you want to include in this paper so that you showcase what you have learned and how your writing has improved. Make sure you center your essay around a central point, or thesis, that you place at the end of your introductory paragraph. Support your points. Don’t merely list information or impressions. Settle down and explain yourself and connect your thoughts as you move from one fully developed paragraph to the next. 

  • Follow APA format: 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, one inch margins.
  • Include a Title page and page numbers in APA format
  • This essay should not be more than 2 pages.

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