Conduct several searches until you find an article that is as close as possible to your research topic.

Brittany Reed

January 23, 2022

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Conduct several searches until you find an article that is as close as possible to your research topic.
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Methods of Social Science

Personal Statement/Research Questions

The Stressors of Policing

The purpose of discussing police stressors is to understand examine, evaluate, and develop ways for police officers to challenge a generation of burnout, better interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and successful interactions with the public. Neglecting to understand the stressors of policing and the factors that cause constant negativity between police and the public, backlash in the media, and high percentages in developing mental illnesses. According to, “Chronic psychological stress and burnout are likely to develop within the complex interplay between the stress of the role, organizational restrictions and conflicts, and emotional, cognitive and interpersonal processes experienced by officers. These factors, alongside a police culture which might stigmatize stress and mental health, set the conditions for psychological difficulties to arise”(Turgoise, D. 2021).

Police officers are public service officers who have the privilege of working directly with the community as well as city officials. Officers are held to enforce the law as well as aid the public. It is important to understand the language within the statement above; officers are held to accompany multiple groups of people all while attempting to deter crime. Over time, the responsibility and image that an officer must uphold become strenuous. In many cases, law enforcement officers are working excessive hours, constantly exposed to mentally ill cases, exposed to countless deaths/murders/homicides, unable to provide reliable resource victims, underpaid, having the responsibility of protecting other people’s lives, and sometimes neglecting their own families. As a result, statistics have shown a drastic increase in divorce rates, suicide rates, deterioration in interpersonal skills, and negative attitudes toward interacting with the public.

In conclusion, the research being examined is the cause of police stressors and creating healthier ways to challenge these stressors. Opening a dialogue about police culture allows awareness of the everyday duty of law enforcement officers to build a more ethical and integrity-based work ethic. It is important to bring awareness to this topic to produce a more successful community.

Research Questions/Leading Questions: The Stressors of Policing

  1. What is the police’s attitude toward the public?
  2. What is police motivation for being in law enforcement?
  3. Are the enough resources for mental health support?
  4. The resources that are available, concerning officers, are being encouraged amongst officers by department administration?
  5. What are psychological effects of police burnout?
  6. Do police departments assist in the development of leadership skills within the community?
  7. What are some causes and effects of police officers working excessive hours?
  8. What are ways to help restore police officers’ motivation?

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