Conduct Quantitative Analysis

Step 1: First download the Excel template course file and use it to set up your spreadsheet. This step will help you set up your basic view to prepare for using several tools.2: After you’ve formatted and set up your basic view and saved the spreadsheet with your name, you’re ready to move to the next step and add data.With your spreadsheet set up and saved with your last name, you’re ready to add data. In Section 1 on the Data page, complete each column of the spreadsheet to arrive at the desired calculations.When you’re ready, move on to the next step, in which you will use functions to summarize the data.3: Take NoteHere’s a tip: If you want the formula to repeat down the column, put $ around the column letters in the range so it will remain constant. In this case, the range will be expressed as starting and ending cell separated by a colon or $C$11:$C$1010. The value will be the cell location of the career. Give it a try in the tables in Section 2.4: With your data built, you are now ready to start using some tools to summarize the data, using Countif and the Sum function to do the math. In this step, you’ll begin to see patterns in the data and the story of the workforce.Take a breather here if you need it. You should strive to work through the first four steps this week. Check in with your instructor.5: With this step complete, you’re ready to begin your analysis.You’ve summarized the data. Next, you will employ descriptive or summary statistics to analyze the workforce. Your summary tables answer the question, “how many?” Now you will calculate mean, median, and mode for the categories of data, and derive the deviation, variance, and dispersion, and distribution. This is where it gets interesting!You will be working in Section 3 of the Data tab in the spreadsheet to complete the descriptive statistics for the five categories (salary, hourly rate, years of service, education, and age). Using Excel formulas, complete the table.After you have used Excel formulas to find this information, you will next use the Toolpak to find your summary statistics.our data set is now built. You will use the same functions to perform descriptive analysis using the Analysis Toolpak. This is a handy feature to know. Remember that there may be some minor differences in the answers depending on the version you use.You should now have Tab 2: Excel Summary Stats complete. Next, you’ll create charts and a histogram for Tabs 3 and 4.Step 6: Where would we be without the ability to view data in charts? It is sometimes easier to grasp the context of data if we can see it captured in an image. You will work with data to create charts, adding a tab for charts and another for a histogram.In this step, you will build Tab 3: Graphs—Charts and Tab 4: Histogram. After you complete these tabs, you’ll be ready to sort the data.7: You’ve accomplished a lot with your data set, summary stats, charts, and histograms. Another skill you’ll need is sorting data in an Excel worksheet for reporting purposes. You’ll copy and sort the data. This is a useful skill that applies to any use of Excel.In this step, you will create Tab 5: Sorted Data. When you’re finished, you’ll be ready to conduct your quantitative analysis.Here is an example of a sorted spreadsheet:Example of the Excel sheet with data that appears to be sorted by increasing emp. number (column A). It has an arrow pointing to the corner of cell C4, labelled “Format cells in column according to indicated format.”8: In this step, your hard work bears fruit. What does it all mean? Think back to your boss’s reasons for tasking you with this project. Use your powers of analysis to determine what the data may be telling you. Apply your quantitative reasoning skills by answering the questions provided in the resource and writing a short essay.After you answer the questions, your short essay should includea one-paragraph narrative summary of your findings, describing patterns of interest;an explanation of the potential relevance of such patterns; anda description of how you would investigate further to determine if your results could be perceived as good or bad for the company.You will prepare your responses in your workbook on the tab labeled QR/Questions and Answers. Type in your answers to the questions and your final essay in the textbox. Then move the QR/Questions and Answers tab to the first tab position (to the left of the Data tab) when you have finished.Good luck! In the next step, you’ll submit your workbook and analysis.Step 9: ou’re now ready to submit your workbook and analysis. Review the requirements for the final deliverable to be sure you have:Excel Workbook with Six TabsTab 1: Data—completed data sheet (Steps 1–6 above)Tab 2: Excel Summary Stats (Step 6)Tab 3: Graphs—Charts (Step 7)Tab 4: Histogram (Step 7)Tab 5: Sorted Data (Step 8)Quantitative Reasoning (Step 9; see detail below and move to first position upon completion.)Answers to Questions and Short EssayYou will put your answers to the questions and final essay in this workbook on the tab labeled QR/Questions and Answers. When you have completed this work, please move this tab to the first position. Make sure the following tabs are included in your final workbook:Quantitative QR/Questions and AnswersDataExcel Summary StatsGraphs–ChartsHistogramSorted DataFormat to Be PrintedFormat this workbook so that all the spreadsheets can be printed.”There should be Charts and Histogram but I don’t know the number of charts and histogram needed for the work. I will be responsible for any other charges.

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Conduct Quantitative Analysis
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