Compose a 5000 words assignment on what are advanced persistent threats and how to prevent them.

Compose a 5000 words assignment on what are advanced persistent threats and how to prevent them. Needs to be plagiarism free! Successful APTs can result in loss of valuable information, financial harm to companies, interruption in services and loss of status. With the emergence of a networked system, companies have faced several malicious attacks. To cite a few of them, social engineering, hacking and denial of services attacks are experienced by several IT security professionals. In order to deal with such attacks, multiple preventive measures have also emerged, making it difficult for attackers with malicious aims to infiltrate a company’s network. Furthermore, detective mechanisms have also developed in order to assist companies to recognize quickly any breach in the IT security system. Recently, large-scale IT security infringements have highlighted a new level of security threat to the company network namely APT. APTs have grabbed international headlines due to their ability to effectively target both enterprises as well as governmental networks which can generate considerable national security threats. Irrespective of the idea of APTs, confusion still exists as to its nature and the method of preventing the risks which are related to them. Since many different opinions of what institutes APTs exist in the market, instituting a definition is critical. Thus, the key research problem is to understand what APTs are from different kinds of literature and to address the solutions in order to reduce them (ISACA, 2013).

In order to address the research problem, a qualitative method has been used. The research is about discovering various issues that are related to APT, understanding the occurrences and providing a solution to the research problem. The reason for using the qualitative approach is that the research subject is related to studying human behaviors and motivations. The complex behavior cannot be well captured by other than a qualitative approach. The research defines the characteristics of APT and the sequence of APT for a better understanding of the threat.

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Compose a 5000 words assignment on what are advanced persistent threats and how to prevent them.
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