Compose a 1750 words assignment on moral development in children. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Morality is the principle of how people should treat others with respect, other’s rights and welfare. To measure an individual’s moral development, it is prudent to measure issues that influence moral development (Weller, & Lagattuta, 2014).The area of study is the development of prosocial and prohibitive moral characters in judging gender-based issues. The study identifies gender as a social group to be tested. The area of study as well as moral judgment and the intergroup relation considering gender and age.

Gender as a social group has been considered as one salient group that are affected by stereotypes since infancy (Berkowitch, & Grych, 1998). Even while still young at the age of six, children are able to differentiate the male versus female faces. Young children hold gender stereotypes from kindergarten on. children make observations on peer’s abilities, traits and interpreted situations based on gender. They also attribute more positive traits to their own gender and negative traits to other genders (Weller, & Lagattuta, 2014).

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Compose a 1750 words assignment on moral development in children. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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The moral development of children has also been considered in this study. Children’s prosocial and prohibitive moral judgments in situations where the potential recipient of help varies by gender have been discussed. Moral dilemma traits and prosocial dilemma trials have also been studied in the book. Prosocial trials are where a focal character needs to perform a fun activity but faces intervening situations that require sacrifice while in prohibitive trials, it requires to refrain from doing any harm (Weller, & Lagattuta, 2014).

Moral development study is concerned with the role of peers and parents. It emphasizes the question of origin and change in ethical behavior and morality during an individual’s lifespan. Moral development can proceed when an individual’s selfish desires are suppressed and replaced by positive social values (Killen, & Coplan, 2011).The interaction of children with caregivers and peers has been found to have an influence on various aspects such as ethics and behavior.

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