Compose a 1500 words assignment on why people should continue cutting down the rainforest. Needs to be plagiarism free!

These types are also divided into sub categories. Forests are not only important in providing the lumber, which is a renewable and sustainable material, but they are important in providing an economic growth but providing an agricultural land and reserving water for the agricultural land. Tropical rainforests are best in hold the rainwater but sometimes the plants and trees becomes so congested that one tree or plant becomes make the other’s plats life span short. In this way, the dead plants become more dangerous than carbon dioxide in some cases.

Rainforest has mainly two major types: tropical rainforest and the other is temperate rainforest. Tropical rainforests are mostly located near equator, they receive more solar energy, and thus they have a warm and humid climate. In tropical rainforest, it rains quite well and one can find a tropical rainforest with high level of moisture and rain (Whitmore 32-39). Most of the trees in a tropical rainforest have broad leaves. A temperate rainforest is the one, which is farther from the equator, and it has a cool climate and there are less species of trees in a temperate rainforest.

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Compose a 1500 words assignment on why people should continue cutting down the rainforest. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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The trees in a temperate rainforest have needle shaped leaves. The other types of rainforests are montane rainforests, subtropical rainforests, mangrove rainforests, monsoon rainforests, lowland rainforests and flooded rainforests.

In the tropical rainforests, plants and trees grow at a much faster pace that other type of forests (Whitmore 38-40). Therefore, if a rainforest managed sustainably, rainforests have the capability to meet the lumber requirements. Today most of the lumber requirements are provided by plantation forests where hard wood and softwood is grown to make the lumber available for the construction as well as other purposes like furniture making and others.

Wood frame construction is a method of construction that is prior method for home construction from many years.

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