Compose a 1500 words assignment on precious (2009) analysis through the writing of bell hooks. Needs to be plagiarism free!

In a discussion that uses the writing of Bell Hooks as a reference point, the film Precious (2009) is analyzed for how the plight of black women is tied to the historical sexualized slave history that murmurs through modern black women of today.It is difficult to find a culturally relevant piece of work that does not create a discourse on the sexualized nature of women. Women are objectified, subjectified, and situated within the framework of their reproductively until the prospect of their intellectual contribution is balanced against the contribution that they make to a sexual discussion to the point of dehumanization.

The film is particularly susceptible to this problem as it is a medium that emphasizes the visual element. Women are defined by how they impact the visual response, their sexual allure, or lack of sexual allure a center of the approach to their characterization. Women are defined by a sense of sexuality.For black women, the problem is more complicated as the shadows of the past shroud the present characterization of the black woman, as shackled by the memory of her position of vulnerability in slavery.

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Compose a 1500 words assignment on precious (2009) analysis through the writing of bell hooks. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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Bell Hooks (1996: 218) writes “A devaluation of black womanhood occurred as a result of the sexual exploitation of black women during slavery that has not altered in the course of hundreds of years”. The stereotypes of black women portray them as powerless and dependent, the past of bondage retranslated into bonds of poverty. Black women are seen as victims of a system that cycles dependency and hopeless existences. The film Precious (2009) continues this view of the American black woman.

The aim for triumph is built upon the belief that black women are stillborn in bondage and that they must find a way to break those bonds, rather than having been born with a right to hope and freedom.The nature of the life that is portrayed in the film is one of abuse. The young girl is abused by her mother&nbsp.and her father, and her sexuality is reduced to usability. She lives in a state of survival, the things that are done to her keeping her numb to the idea that life can be better than what she knows.

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