Compose a 1500 words assignment on behavior changings throughout the social-cultural learning.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on behavior changings throughout the social-cultural learning. Needs to be plagiarism free! Bateman performs disgusting torture to women than men. Bateman is obsessed with violence and utterly describes the major disparity between men and women victims in the novel.

Bateman is a victim of consumerism and he portrays the danger that comes with consumerism. Bateman clearly shows that all his material wealth in the consumer society does not bring him any happiness or satisfaction. Bateman sought to kill to gain attention from the society he lives in. Bateman is a wealthy man at a very tender age of twenty-seven years. Bateman is an investment banker. Although Patrick is a highly respected man during the day, at night he turns out to be a murderer. Bateman is a man from a very wealthy family. Bateman has attended the Philips Exeter Academy at Harvard where he graduates in 1984. Bateman then attends Harvard School of Business where he graduates in 1986. Bateman lives in Upper West Side, Manhattan in an expensive well-furnished apartment.

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Compose a 1500 words assignment on behavior changings throughout the social-cultural learning.
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Bateman worked as Vice President of an Investment Company on Wall Street. In the novel, Bateman discusses all the conversations that he has had with friends in the nightclubs, bars, and in the office. The first chapters of the book describe Bateman nights out are mostly on Fridays. Bateman accounts for the Friday nights that he spends with friends from one nightclub to the other. Bateman explains that in the nightclubs they criticize the club goers’ dress codes, sniff cocaine, question each other on etiquette, and advice each other on the fashion trade. In the middle of the novel, Bateman starts to describe the activities of his day to day life. The day to day activities of Bateman includes making dinner reservations for women whom he kills later and videotapes renting.

Most of Bateman dates and customers are women. Bateman constantly criticizes the music of the most popular musicians in 1980 such as Whitney Houston, genesis among others. Bateman describes his love life in the middle of the novel. Bateman is dating a woman known as Evelyn Richard who is a fellow professional woman.

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