Compose a 1250 words assignment on refusal speech act theory.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on refusal speech act theory. Needs to be plagiarism free! The origin of this theory was J.L Austin in 1962 following a series of lectures by William James (Jaworowska, 2012). He argued that the statement of fact required some verification. He additionally posited that most philosophical problems existed because of the inherent desire to regard all utterances as verifiable statements. The word “constative” that refers to direct statements of fact originated from this setting. Austin argued that “statements that do not report or constate anything at all are not true or false and for which the utterance of the sentence is, or is part of the doing of action which would normally be described as saying something.”

Speech is the basic element of any communication or interaction. People of various cultures are able to understand each other and communicate their ideas through speeches. The speaker performs this act when he/she makes an utterance. People perform the act of speech by understanding language. The refusal strategies involve refusing someone outright in a way that makes them feel awkward and inferior. The refusal can occur because of failure to understand each other through the barrier in language, culture or religion.

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on refusal speech act theory.
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Refusal strategies differ from cultural context to the other. In most cases, the refusal speeches are done in a manner that does directly demean or refuse the person. It is a way of showing or expressing the disconnection that exists between people towards a particular situation. There are pragmatic features in language that most native speakers adapt to express themselves in various situations. British native speakers are not the exception. They utilize these pragmatic features to pass information from one person to the other. While employing these pragmatics in communication, certain errors are bound to be made by the communicator. These errors are always normal and may make the communicator lose control of the direction of their speeches.

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