Compose a 1250 words assignment on family portrait:

Compose a 1250 words assignment on family portrait: views on feminism and gender. Needs to be plagiarism free! I have known my aunt for long since I can remember and I knew a few of the answers she would provide to the interview questions and do so with the honesty and openness I wanted. There was no question that I felt uncomfortable to ask her as I was in a free relationship with her where she was more of a sister to me than an aunt.

Joyce’s definition of feminism is that it is a movement aimed to advocate equality between women and men in all aspects and areas from home to workplaces. Most of the feminists are however white women who have no first clue to what really happens in the homes and in marriages and they still have to permanent solutions to help the marginalized women without having to make them increase their marital problems. These feminists are highly educated white women and the majority are not even married and hence at the end of it, all have nothing much to lose by being feminists and advocating on having equal rights in all areas with the men. Her definition of the feminists reminded me of a passage in Hook’s article “Black Women Shaping Feminist Theory” which indicates that “Privileged feminists have largely been unable to speak to, with, and for diverse groups of women because they either do not understand fully the inter-relatedness of sex, race and class oppression or refuse to take this inter-relatedness seriously (Hooks, 1984).”

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on family portrait:
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Joyce explained that being a man according to society entailed being the head of the house and making all the decisions as well as providing for the family. Masculinity had nothing however to do with the societal definition of a man but was everything to do with how the man interacted with others and especially women and how he treated them. Men who are abusive do not qualify to be classified in the definition of masculinity. Being a woman according to society meant obedience to their husbands and being caregivers. Femininity involves physical features of a woman and has everything to do with their body.

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