Compose a 1000 words assignment on the foundations of western civilization: Israel and Greece

Compose a 1000 words assignment on the foundations of western civilization: israel and greece. Needs to be plagiarism free!

In order to understand the social vision of the Hebrew Bible, it is important to study the outlines of the biblical world. ‘How do the several institutions, social structures, and values of that world we term “ancient Israel” intersect with the literary compilation we label “the Hebrew Bible”?’ (Pleins)&nbsp.

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Compose a 1000 words assignment on the foundations of western civilization: Israel and Greece
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If one considers the institutional level, it is very important to know about thesocioeconomic structures of ancient Israel. To study this feature of the biblical world needs a clear historical tear-down of the organizations and social structures of ancient Near Eastern society, which are known in various names such as (1) the “demographic society,” with its interdependent connection between urban and roaming lifestyles, (2) the “palace-temple complex,” where both these major institutes serve as the locus of primordial social life, or (3) the “Asiatic mode of production,” that is indicating the “feudal” environment of the division of land and labor.

Social system of the Hebrew Bible clearly pointed out the social structure of Israel and the nature of family structure, mainly the male dominated one (Pleins). In the Hebrew Bible, there is a section that discusses about the Intertribal Confederacy: Israel’s Revolutionary Beginning. The heart of the Hebrew Bible is aclassic story that defines the rise of the publics of Israel and their ongoing relationship with God. It is not only demonstrating the power of ritual and governing dynasties, italso offers a compound, but clearidea of why history has spread-out for the people of Israel in anoutline that directly connected with the weights and promises of God.

There are different stories clearly pointed out how the father-son relationship and the ruling of the family so on the society have changed along with the time.

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