Compose a 1000 words assignment on best practices in workplace communication:

Compose a 1000 words assignment on best practices in workplace communication: what is the most important skill of effective communicators. Needs to be plagiarism free! , strong communication within peers helps in building a solid relationship among colleagues and the top management which prevent pointless misunderstandings. Effective communication includes several skills such as non-verbal communication, stress management, the ability to understand and recognize emotions of the listener and the speaker. However, listening is considered as one of the most important attribute of effective communication in the organization because it conveys the words and feelings of the communicator simultaneously. Moreover, it also creates a sense of respect and honor in the communicator that he is being listened and given worth too.

In today’s competitive era, organizations need to receive, manage, send and process a large amount of data on everyday basis. The effective communication techniques like listening, managing stress, non-verbal communication and emotional awareness are needed for better understanding of the messages because it is not just exchanging information. in fact it is the understanding of the meaning and emotions behind the message/information. Effective communication in workplace helps in improving relationships at every level of the organization, it improves problem solving, decision making and teamwork. It also helps in communicating even the difficult or negative messages without giving birth to conflicts that can destroy employees trust (David, 2013).

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Compose a 1000 words assignment on best practices in workplace communication:
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Joe was my project leader at McDonalds, he was like a guiding star for me, and he saw some spark in me, that I couldn’t see in myself even my entire life. I was appointed with a team and task related to the advertisement of the company. My main focus was controlling my team and implementing company policies than coaching them. I made thousands of mistakes in my initial years and Joe office was open every time and I can come with my frustrations, questions anytime I want. He was open to hear me without redirecting or interrupting.

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