Components of the immune system,

The human immune system is an elaborate collection of cellular components and chemical elements that combine and create a formidable force against pathogenic infection. For this unit’s Discussion, you will review the components of the immune system, and the ways in which each component contributes to the overall effectiveness of the immune response. Review your Readings for the unit and pay close attention to the differences between the innate and acquired immune systems, noting the roles of each immune component. You will notice a lot of overlap in immune functions which is important in maintaining an effective immune response.Answer all questions in your initial post:1. The human immune system has a lot of back-up plans built into its design. Many cells and other immune components have similar roles. Provide an example of two components that have similar or identical roles in the immune system.2. If you had to choose, do you feel it would be more detrimental to a person’s health to have no T cells or no B cells? Which do you think would impact a person’s overall health more profoundly? Why?3. Pathogens have many “tricks” to avoid immune detection and “buy time” to establish an infection. If you were a pathogen, which ONE of the following components of the immune system do you believe would be the most helpful to avoid or disable? Provide the reason why you selected it and any support for your choice.a.) Phagocytic cellsb.) Inflammationc.) Complementd.) Cytokines

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Components of the immune system,
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