Complete the following task below.

For this assignment, you will use Visio Software Application to develop the design employing the following computer-aided software engineering (CASE) modeling tools:

  • Use case 
  • Functional decomposition diagram 
  • Entity-relationship (E-R) diagram, data flow diagram (DF), or class diagram 
  • Sequence diagram 
  • Mock-up or storyboard of the user interface screens 

The project deliverables are as follows:

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Complete the following task below.
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  • Update the System Requirements, Design, and Implementation Specification title page with new date. 
  • Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback. 
  • System or Application Design
    • Develop a high-level use case to represent the application as a whole. 
    • Develop a functional decomposition diagram to show all of the functions that the system or application will support. 
    • Develop an E-R diagram, class diagram, or a data flow diagram that effectively represents the data that are required for your application or system. 
    • Develop a sequence diagram to represent the timing of various activities within the application or system. 
    • Develop a mock-up or storyboard for the high-level interface screens.
  • i have attached what i have started and example of what can be added. You may add and delete whatever you need to make it right. The file that i started is titled 


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