Complete a concept map within your group on your assigned concept

Complete a concept map within your group on your assigned concept. The concept map should include the following in detail:a. Pathophysiology   of Raynaud’s Phenomenonb. Risk Factors  of Raynaud’s Phenomenonc. Clinical Manifestations of Raynaud’s Phenomenond. Associated Abnormalities of Raynaud’s Phenomenon 

2. Reflection:

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Complete a concept map within your group on your assigned concept
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Reflection is used to intentionally examine our thought processes, actions, and behaviors in order to evaluate outcomes. Provide a written reflection that describes your experience within your group and the information learned on the assigned concept.a. Describe the interaction within your group.  b. Describe a strength within your group. How did the described strength assist in a positive outcome with the assignmentc. Describe a weakness within your group. How did the described weakness hinder your group? What will you do to overcome this weakness in the future?d. Explain how you will use your understanding of your assigned concept in your  nursing practice.

The reflection is required to be 1 page only. Make sure to address all areas from the  

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