Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Discovery and Benefits of Munroe Effect.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Discovery and Benefits of Munroe Effect. The discovery of the Munroe effect, that is, the aspect of shaped-charged explosives can be traced back to the concepts of the civilian segment. Franz Xaver von Baader, a German mining expert, proposed the idea of adopting an empty, conical component adjacent to a detonating charge to enhance its efficacy (Alberta & Alberta Educational Communications Corporation, 1996). However, at such a time (1972), the only available explosive was gunpowder. Since it was not a sky-scraping explosive, it was unable to fabricate a detonating shockwave, hence exposing its incapability of producing the targeted shaped charge effect.

A crucial practical occurrence in the account of explosives was in 1867 when a scholar known as Alfred Nobel came up with the detonator. Since then, the 1st implementation of the intended hollow charge effect was finally created in 1883 by Max von Foerster after almost a whole century. Later in 1886, Gustav Bloem (a German) discovered a methodology of detonating caps with hemispherical lining components within a shell. A lined cavity characterized his invention, hence being considered as an actual developer of the shaped charge concept (Alberta & Alberta Educational Communications Corporation, 1996).

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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Discovery and Benefits of Munroe Effect.
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This was the time when Professor Charles E. Munroe had been employed at the U.S. Naval torpedo laboratory, just as a civilian chemist. His primary obligation was to seek for much better propellants. So he had to be in collaboration with the laboratories of E. I. du Pont while carrying out his smokeless powder research. The main challenge faced by Munroe by then was the issue of powder deterioration due to more extended storage periods that they were succumbed to. Munroe independently came up with the idea of establishing an un-lined shaped charge which received great acceptance globally.

While Munroe might not have been the original developer of the hollow charge explosion concept, he is still in memory due to his most fruitful demonstrations of its impacts. At the onset of 1888, he demonstrated several experiments whereby he showed out the power of either the lined or unlined shaped charges. For unlined charged effects demonstrations, he adjacently aligned a steel plate to explosive blocks, with letters USN (United States Navy) having been inscribed on the endpoint. After the explosion, those letters were exactly reproduced on that steel plate.&nbsp.

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