Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Fair Housing Initiative Program under HUD.

The FHIP remains an important component of civil rights advocacy, since most of the groups and organizations fighting against housing discrimination in the USA wholesomely depend on this funding. Therefore, the major function of the FHIP is to help people who believe that they are victims of housing discrimination to identify the relevant government agencies that handle the housing complaints (, 2015).The FHIP achieves this objective through funding other fair housing advocacy groups and organizations, which in turn help the victims to transmit their complaints of the unfair housing discrimination to the relevant government authorities for subsequent actions.

The mission statement of the FHIP is to eliminate any form of housing discrimination and build secure access to quality housing for Americans (PD&R, 2011). The program has four initiatives operating under its umbrella, which include Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FHOI), an initiative specifically meant to build capacity among the private non-profit fair housing organizations (, 1997). The initiative achieves its objectives through funding fair housing enforcement initiatives, as well as education outreach initiatives on fair housing (HUD, 2015).

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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Fair Housing Initiative Program under HUD.
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The other initiative under the FHIP umbrella is the Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI), which is an initiative focused on facilitating the activities of nationwide fair housing groups, to prevent housing discriminative practices (HUD, 2015).The third initiative under the FHIP is the Education and Outreach Initiative (EOI), which is an initiative that specifically focuses on funding the State, local governments, or non-profit agencies that are involved in creating awareness among the public and the housing owners on both their rights and responsibilities in complying with the&nbsp.Fair Housing Act (PD&R, 2011).

The last initiative under the FHIP is the Administrative Enforcement Initiative (AEI), which is focused on facilitating and funding the State and the local governments to administer laws that enhance equal housing opportunities and prevents incidences of housing discrimination in their regions.

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