Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Apples Implementation of the Hybrid Strategy.

Interestingly, the company treats each product as a standalone unit of business. Apple is ranked sixth amongst the mainstream computer manufacturers in the US. This translates to a 3.5% of the market share compared to a 2.4% global market share that places the company ninth amongst the global list of computer makers. Prior to those years that Apple maintained a distinct position, the growth in technology and network has adversely shaken the predominance of Apple. As of the fourth quarter of the year 2012, Apple posted US$ 45million worth of net profit.

This is an equivalent of US$0.13 per share. To prove the loss of dominance of the Apple brand, a similar quarter of the company revenue three years from 2012 indicates a US$ 0.19 per diluted share or a net profit of US$66 million. This paper discusses the impact of evolution in technology on the operations of Apple Company. Apple applies a corporate branding strategy that revolves around consumers maintaining an emotional experience with the products of the company. The success of Apple over the years is pegged on the development of an emotional brand that obligates the company to adopt a distinct humanistic corporate culture.

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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Apples Implementation of the Hybrid Strategy.
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The company has a unique verbal and visual vocabulary and strives to establish a lasting connection with its consumers. In the 1970s, Apple ignited the revolution of personal computers within the market. This engineered the production of the Apple II, before the reinvention of the personal computer in the 1980s with the introduction of the Macintosh. The driver behind the branding of Apple is the desire of the company to bring the best personal experience of computing amongst the most common users of computers: educators, students, creative professionals, and overall consumers of electronics.

The company, therefore, relies on a corporate branding strategy through internet or software&nbsp.offerings and innovation of hardware.&nbsp.The core of the survival and growth of the Apple brand is invention and reinvention. The company adopts a strong talent retention program that enables emergent and updated software developers to yearn to work at the company (W.L. Hill, 272).&nbsp.

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