Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: USC Application.

My mother imbued in her child the belief that hard work and dedication brings rewards and that American society is one in which anything is possible. As a new American, I am a hard worker and ardently desire to pursue the American Dream. Any worthwhile dream is always a strange mix of privileges and obligations. My personal perception of the American Dream is not the one that is grossly expectant in its origins and is devoid of any philanthropic spirit. In fact, it is the way of life that will not only make me self sufficient and independent but will also make me a respectable and productive member of the bubbling, sparkling, refreshing, and perpetually effervescent American society.

I know by personal experience that every dream commands a price in terms of rock-solid perseverance, dedication, and commitment. In fact, it was only by the dint of my allegiance to my aspirations that I managed to get over the setbacks that came my way.I was raised by my mother who, despite the immensity of hardships that she faced as a parent, refused to compromise on the value of honesty in her personal and professional life. Hence I believe that integrity is the single most important attribute that a person should possess and my mother took care to instill this value in me.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: USC Application.
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Last year during the spring, my family faced some financial setbacks. I managed to secure admission to UCLA, but because of the financial constraints, I had to go to work rather than wholeheartedly pursuing my academic goals. This lead to a loss of focus during my last semester, which resulted in poor grades, and consequently my admission, was withdrawn. This setback temporarily persuaded me to believe that my course was set once and for all, still, I succeeded in overcoming this dissuading perception by rearranging my time, focusing on my schooling, and working more to have an education.

At last, I have managed to save enough money for my education, besides gaining ample professional experience by working in a corporation.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.Since my days as a student, I have always loved mathematics and envisioned a career in which I could use my sound mathematical aptitude to a practical analysis of business situations.

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