Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: National Center for the Combat of Terrorism.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: National Center for the Combat of Terrorism. High possibility of eroding the powerful and natural occurring barriers that accommodate human killing. This can be done either through the influence of the outside society of the environment or by changing the perception of the situation by the person. In the understanding that all the Terrorist groups just like social groupings have certain external and internal existing vulnerabilities. it is possible to disseminate them in this context. (Elmes, Kantowitz, & III, 2011)

However, little analysis or research has been done on the recruitment of terrorists. The efforts of recruitment do appear in areas with a concentration of people feeling a high level of deprivation and dissatisfaction. The critical aspect is the relationship. This is what is used by effective recruiters in the exploitation of a sense of urgency and imminence. It is essential to understand effective leaders of the terrorist organizations are able to maintain a belief system that is collective. able to establish and maintain routines in the organization. control communication flow in a secretive manner. manipulate incentives or purposive goals for all the followers. turn around conflict to external targets and keep the action going. (Laurence & Matthews, 2012)

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: National Center for the Combat of Terrorism.
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Psychological research in terrorism lacks rigor and substance. The factors that culturally form the basis of research work and are vital have not been studied. Moreover, psychological research should be concurrent within the operations that are ongoing. They should maintain a focus that is anchored on behavior and should derive interpretation from analysis of incidents that are related to the behaviors. This means that the research on the psychology of terrorism cannot be static in any way but has to be dynamic.

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