Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Mind-Body Connection

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Mind-Body Connection. Even though proposals portray the mind and body as successive discrete degrees, where and how mind and body inter-connect is still an unsolved mystery. It is also not clear how compatible these inter-relations are, if any, and how complete are in the physical world. Descriptions given by formative degree and mid-nature connections are analogous. The operational principle of a mind-body connection receives rations internally. Therefore, this connection strongly depends on the spirit and mental effects.

To begin with, there are vital things that influence the connection between people’s minds and bodies. The inter-relation may result in a negative or positive response within our bodies. Proponents believe that people’s bodies do not just respond boldly but there is an internal play connecting the mind with the rest of the body. In addition to that, our physical manifestation takes place due to our thoughts and emotions (Hall, 2011). For instance, a joyous memory or emotion may make people feel lighter and relaxed. On the other hand, an upsetting moment may cause a heart to race or make someone feel clammy. The body does not think but feels. Therefore, it is clear that actions occur when the mind and body inter-connect.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Mind-Body Connection
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Furthermore, some scientists claim that there is no connection between mind and body where else others use some facts to explain the connection. Some say that personal growth is the key to mind and body connection since it raises people’s awareness and consciousness as well (Sha, 2006). When people free and expand their minds, they condition beliefs and behavior hence what enters one’s mind contributes to some degree of body reaction. There is a way in which the mind shifts. In this case, people rethink how they live and start revolving around suggestions that discovered the conduit between people’s physical and mental status.

Even though it seems so odd, it is true that all boundaries and divisions matters of our actions are simply a construct of our thoughts. Those who do not see the relationship between mind and body believe that there is nothing separate in the world of quantum.

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