Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Marx and Materialism: a Study in Marxist Theory of Knowledge.

In the conceptual theories of materialism that Marx and Engel developed, the one-dimensional perception of reality stemming from materialism was developed into a multidimensional idea of existence. Materialism itself may dictate that a human being is simply a manifestation of physical matter and thus scientifically explained. Marxism took this ideology a step further into dialectical materialism which allowed for certain laws to govern such a concept. The law of opposites, for example, dictates that all things in nature have an opposite such as male and female. day and night.

Marxism fundamentally teaches that everything there is to know or understand can be explained scientifically, and thus his theories on dialectical materialism arose.Marx and Hegel also formulated the law of negation which basically stated that all things in nature acted at some point to negate themselves. For example, if a plant grows from a seed, experiences a life cycle, and then dies. it will have left its seed allowing for the birth of a new plant and so on. This is also true of humans. The law of transformation then states very much the same thing that Darwin’s law of evolution states.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Marx and Materialism: a Study in Marxist Theory of Knowledge.
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Things change as a result of time and quantity. In other words, as a large quantity of something develops, it then develops qualitatively as well. Humans for example have evolved not only in number&nbsp.but in intelligence and efficiency.&nbsp. We have developed into a more functional and intelligent species just as all things which develop in number must also increase qualitatively as well, according to Marxism.&nbsp.Beyond even these basic laws of dialectical materialism, Marx and Engel are known for their communist theory which is not only a relatively common term today, but just as it is common it is equally misunderstood or stigmatized.

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