Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Intimacy in Relationships.

There are different types of reciprocity. It may be one on one relationship between either individuals or governments or institutions. Most of them are usually long-term relationships that expect either direct reciprocity. One-to-many or many-to-one reciprocity is usually experienced in informal ties like bridal showers, and even a community comes together. There is also generalized reciprocity that happens over a large group of individuals or institutions. Citizens also need to practice reciprocity with their states and communicate any possible conflict in ideas or even complaints or gratitude to their rulers (Gillies, 2003).

For people to get in any relationship, they experience strong feelings towards each other. A feeling of lust, liking, and love starts to grow towards each other. Close relations start growing, and with time, they become compassionate and committed to each other. These attractions may be due to their skin color, walking styles, the way they talk, or their thinking. It may also because these two people share beliefs and have common interests. Psychologists argue that love is usually a passionate feeling, both physical and emotional.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Intimacy in Relationships.
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One gets utterly absorbed into the other and helps each other realize and understand themselves better by the compliments they get (Holmes and Johnson, 2009).Intimate relationships are cultivated as strong sexual feelings and feelings of completeness also onset. Passion and dependency on each other also are cultivated. This closeness between individuals results in complex emotions that grow for each other. Dependency on emotional support helps ensure the well-being of each other. Partners offer each other with enthusiasm and a positive personal view of their self-worth.

The level of intimacy develops in stages. It is not cultivated within hours or one day (Cole, 2001). The links established with one another foster the closeness and trust feeling for one another. However, peer relationships that are based on curiosity may tend to be more intimate briefly only for periods of self-discovery. The anxiety to explore new areas may cultivate intimacy but only to encourage accessibility to what they intend to explore (Vetere et al, 2005).

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