Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: How Should Organizations Monitor Employee Web Surfing and Emails.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: How Should Organizations Monitor Employee Web Surfing and Emails. When are security measures that an organization implements sufficient to comply with its obligations? Also, devise a method for a medical or financial organization to determine its security measures are sufficient. Develop an organizational plan for information systems to address potential identity theft issues.

Sampling Comments: According to TACIT KNOWLEDGE(n.d), tacit knowledge is “information that the actor knows he has (how to catch a ball, tie a knot, and mark a line) but which he cannot, nonetheless, describe in terms other than its own (skillful) performance”(TACIT KNOWLEDGE, n.d.).

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: How Should Organizations Monitor Employee Web Surfing and Emails.
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Measures: The article reviews aspects related to tacit knowledge. The aspect of transfer of knowledge from one person to the other is the core factor in tacit knowledge. Polanyi (2002) argues that the transformation of such information creates problems. Personal knowledge is commonly used despite the fact that it is shared among many.

Findings/Results/Main Points: Personal information works best when instruments used in technology are not available. The availability of machines used in communication and software that encourage social behavior contributes to tacit. During this process, many employees are tricked to leak secret information that leads to identity theft.

Conclusion: The importance of tacit knowledge remains debatable in relation to the risks involved. Its effectiveness is noted from the ability that it lacks explicit information. Organizations need to sensitize their employees on the use of the internet to avoid leakage of secret information that leads to identity theft.

Reference Information: Ji’, S. Smith-Chao, S. & Min, Qing-Fei. (2008, August). Systems Plan for Combating Identity Theft- A Theoretical Framework. J. Serv. Sci. & Management Journal, 1: 143-152. SciRes.

Sampling Comments: “From system analysis and design perspective, understanding identity theft problem and designing managerial and technological systems to combat identity theft requires a holistic and comprehensive framework” (Ji, Smith-Chao & Min, 2008).

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