Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Geology of China.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Geology of China. Individuals who engage in the process of exploring the planet are known to geologists. They carry more research to know the history of a particular part of the globe or the world as a whole. Geology is, therefore, an activity that involves the study of two characteristics of the earth. It includes the study of earth materials and the study of earth’s history.

China is a vast country whose geological structure can be divided into different portions. The country occupies the loess plateau, the Quaternary loess deposit, and the alluvial soil in the east of the country. Beijing is a town that borders the alluvial lands of China. The most alluvial type of soil starts from the Eats China plains to the Yangzi River Delta, around the igneous Shandong highlands and the peninsula. The southern part of the river Yangzi is occupied with mountains full of deposits of sedimentary rocks and Yangzi craton. The alluvial Sichuan Bay is surrounded by mountains, the Qinling Mountains to the north, and the Himalayas to the west and southwest. Most of northeast China or Manchuria is fully occupied with alluvial plains, but the border that extends to Korea contains a large number of mountains.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Geology of China.
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The China Geological Survey made an investigation of the geological information of the whole countries to determine its international cooperation and coordination competence. The board constructed a survey to meet the dissemination of public geosciences knowledge and information as well as the promotion of the sustainable development of the national economy and society. The study involved activities such as project application, designation, implementation, data processing, and geoscience research activities to the public(Wang, 124). The information is found useful in the description of the historical development of Beijing as well as giving more knowledge social-economic aspects of the people living in the town.

The capital town of China is Beijing. The past information of this city traces back to about twenty-seven thousand years ago. Research shows that the first people to live in the region were found in the groove of Dragon Bone Hill near the village of Zhoukoudia in Fangshan District.

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