Complete 5 pages APA formatted article:

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Openly Gay Employment Discrimination. The work also found that employers who emphasize on stereotypes discriminated openly gay men.

Previous researchers on discrimination in America lack proper evidence about sexual orientation discrimination. thus limiting the understanding of discrimination levels in the states. Lack of viable methods in previous researchers leads to lack of evidence on levels of discrimination. One of the methods the author uses is. choosing one target group or limiting the study scope on one group. This method of choosing one group has an advantage over analyzing many groups because it makes it easy for one to get detailed information.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article:
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People have different perceptions of different groups, leading to varied discriminatory actions. thus the method of choosing one group helps to get access to enough information. For example, according to the author, people view gay men as feminine and lesbians as masculine (Tilcsik, 2012). These perceptions may lead to different employer’s perceptions when looking for an employee. Choosing one group helps in attaining the goals of studying discrimination because it gives clear information on employers’ perception towards gay men.

The second method the author uses is the study on geographical location. The author studies discrimination in a wide geographical location, as opposed to previous studies, which concentrated on a limited area, like a city. Studying discrimination on a limited geographic area for a country that has a history on discrimination may not bring the best results. This is because the rate varies according to different regions. As the author points out, indications from public poll opinions are that there is the varied regional attitude towards gay men (Tilcsik, 2012). Regions also have varied antidiscrimination laws in that there are those with laws concerning gays, and those that do not have.

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