Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Callister Roys Model of Adaptation.

In Callista Roy’s model in the provision of nursing care, Roy sees an individual as a set of the interrelated social, psychological, and biological systems. The model explains how an individual strives to maintain an equilibrium between these systems and the external environment, the model explains that there is no absolute balance however individuals strive to cope in this environment. This model is widely used in nursing practice and in our case study, we shall use Roys model in the following ways in the planning of Eddies care:- According to Callister Roys model of adaptation, a nursing process is a problem-solving approach for data gathering, identifying needs of a person to adapt to the system, and selecting the best methods and implementing them with the individuals care plan and evaluating the care later on.

This model will assist a nurse in the assessment of Eddie. A nurse would first be involved in the assessment of Eddie’s behavior. This model would guide a nurse in the collection of data on Eddie, and see how likely he is to adapt to the system in each adaptive mode. The model would guide a nurse to identify both internal and external factors or stimuli that influence Eddie’s adaptive behavior. A nurse would be able to identify the immediate stimuli that a person faces and guide them in planning their care.

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Callister Roys Model of Adaptation.
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The nurse would be able to identify other stimuli that affect the existing ones and finally they would identify those factors that influence Eddie but are unclear. A nurse familiar with this model would be able to come up with an appropriate nursing diagnosis, the nurse would be able to come up with statements that best describe the patient’s situation and that interpret the already gathered data about the Eddies adaptation status, including relevant stimuli and behavior. The model would guide a nurse inappropriate goal setting: in this, the nurse would set clear goal statements of the Expected behavioral outcomes for the nursing care.

The nurse would be able to come up with good intervention steps that determine how best they will assist Eddie in coping. The model would guide the nurse in making effective judgments or evaluations of the interventions made in relation to Eddie’s care. Roy’s model of adaptation has a great influence in guiding a nurse’s actions towards the care of an individual. This model would influence how a nurse would approach Eddie in promoting self-concept. AS nurse will be able to understand what is needed in dealing with self-concept.

In the self-concept mode, a nurse would be able to assess how Eddie views himself in terms of his ability to meet his daily needs or goals and if he can assist his members. Eddie saw viewed himself as a liability as he had no work and could not get back to his old job and the pins in his legs prevented him from looking for a job. Eddie thought he wished to visit his friend Joe he was not able to because his friend was hospitalized far away. Eddie had moved back to his mum’s house because he was not able to meet his needs.

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