Complete 19 pages APA formatted article:

Complete 19 pages APA formatted article: Management of a Patients Needs. Diabetes results in a number of complications and the most distressing to patients are DFUs (diabetic foot ulcers). Foot ulcers affect patient’s quality of living, escalates death incidence and a prolonged stay in the hospice. Diabetes exists in two primary forms that include Type 1 and 2. however, in the United Kingdom, about 10% of patients are affected by Type 1 while approximately 90% suffer Type 2 diabetes. Each year, over 75,000 reported deaths in the UK is associated with diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and 2). Other complications associated with the condition (diabetes mellitus) include, for instance, amputation, kidney failure, and blindness. It is estimated that each year, over 6000 people in the UK who are diabetic undergo the amputation of either leg or foot. Researchers in the medical field also contend that if the current trend in the UK continues, the amputation rate will rise (McInnes, 2012). On another note, the expenditure on diabetes care by the NHS is almost reaching the £10billion mark, which is about 10% of NHS total budget. Most of the expenses tend to cater to the management of avoidable complications. Conversely, other than direct costs, there are also indirect costs that increase the figure to approximately £ 23.7 billion. However, among the most costly consequences of diabetes in the UK is the number of hospital admissions. It is estimated that at any one time, averagely 15% of inpatients in the hospitals are recorded as patients with diabetes (NHS, 2012).&nbsp.

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Complete 19 pages APA formatted article:
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