Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Automatic Storage Management for Oracle database 11g.

Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Automatic Storage Management for Oracle database 11g. In Oracle 11g, Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is designed to simplify the management of Oracle related files by facilitating the database administrators to reference disk groups instead of files and disks separately, which can be administrated through automatic storage management. Basically, the functionalities and capabilities offered by the automatic storage management are believed to be an extension of the OMF (Oracle Managed Files) features which further comprise mirroring and striping in order to provide secure and impartial storage management. In addition, a wide variety of templates are used to control the extent of the granularity and redundancy of the mirroring and striping. Though, Oracle provides a variety of default templates for each type of file stored by ASM, however extra templates can also be developed according to the needs of the organizations. In addition, failure groups are also established in a disk group in order to accommodate the varying needs of the databases and the required intensity of redundancy. If a database uses a two-way mirroring then it will require a disk group to establish and maintain two failure groups in order that individual files can be written and stored at two places (Oracle-Base2, 2013. Abraham, Bagal, Bauer, Belden, Bridge, & Chan, 2012).

Additionally, the ASM capabilities offered by the latest version of Oracle 11g can be integrated with old cooked and raw file systems, in conjunction with traditionally managed files and OMF. The entire functionality of ASM is supported by an ASM instance. Though it is not a complete database instance, only a small part of the memory or set of structures and that is why it is very small and trivial. In addition, disk groups are the most important elements of automatic storage management. In this scenario, each of these disk groups is further divided into a number of physical disks and all these disks work as a single component.

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Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Automatic Storage Management for Oracle database 11g.
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