Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Andreas Webers Reward for Success in an International.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Andreas Webers Reward for Success in an International. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis: Andreas was initially sent as an expatriate to New York branch to work as corporate banking manager but on arrival is shocked to know that the only position available is in the credit department. Later he is promoted to managerial cadre after working for a few years. But the problem arises when his wife expresses her desire to go back to Germany in view of her children’s education and to look after her parents. Upon this when Andreas addresses his problems and requests repatriation, the organization expresses its inability to provide similar position initially but after few months offers job which is comparatively lower to the present job executed by Andreas giving a big jolt to his expectations.

Decision: Andreas was wise enough to accept the international assignment because it promised a higher salary and a better position. But the management’s decision of going back on its promises and not providing a competitive position on repatriation hurts any hardworking employee. Now Andreas is in dilemma whether to go back to Germany so that he can stay with his family and accept the position awarded by the headquarters or to stay back and work at the same level.

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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Andreas Webers Reward for Success in an International.
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Action Plan: Basing on the current situation, it is advised that Andreas leave the job and go back to Germany to look after his parents and also for the better future of his children. Or he could wait for the recession to disappear completely and then ask for repatriation in the parent company. It is not a big deal for Andreas to find a new competitive job with a similar salary in other organization and this could be easily possible with his experience which he gained while working in New York.&nbsp.

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