Comparison of Two Texts

Comparison In this comparison essay I will inform and elaborate the young people regarding two texts or theme related on travel. The first text is called ‘Southeastern Railway’ and the second one is known as ‘Find your Feet’. These two texts are really relevant two classify them as’ daily essential needs’, because more or less they are getting used by everyone. The first text is about their offers they are giving to the audiences, so that they can visit some places for cheap. The second theme is about walking to school, without having to use any motor vehicles
Layout Firstly, I would like to mention about the layout of ‘Southeastern railway’. This text has been laid out in a neat form; instead of scattering the topics all over by doing this it gives the reader some various ideas about different places. Whereas, ‘Find your Feet’ text is laid out in such a way that the bold text of it would grasp the teenager’s attention straightaway. Pictures In ‘South eastern railway’ there are many colourful pictures to inform where a person can go to visit. This leaflet/poster is really informative comparing ‘Find your Feet’.
This leaflet also contains regarding those places in Kent and London which are worth visiting and it gives a person to visualize him/her of it. On the other side, ‘find your feet’ is featuring three teenagers enjoying themselves walking to school. Language The ‘Southeastern Railway’ poster literally communicates with the audience with lucid, formal and coax English, due to their attitude and expressions they’ve used in the text. This makes a person to have some ideas regarding visiting those places. It also informs the reader regarding the offer which is 20% off.

Whereas, “find your feet” has featured their language in such a way that only the new generation’s kids will understand. Additionally, it makes quite complicated for other people to get their message, since they have featured slang English slogan. “Find your Feet” has only featured brief amount of text explaining the purpose of the poster. Thus, they knew that the teenagers wouldn’t like to read a whole page of information therefore they gave out less writing. So they had to use some uses of slogans and catchy titles using alliteration Bold text/Colour South eastern railway’ is really attractive it catches a person’s attention as well as their eyes with their vibrant colours. All readers normally like to have tints of colours in their articles; therefore ‘South eastern railway’ article contained it to make it a perfect article for a reader to read. The south eastern railway’ leaflet contains number of pictures in Kent and London, which is worth visiting and involve ones self in various activities. This gives a person to have visualization and think that if it is worth visiting. Otherwise it is useless if there was no picture or anything.
Nevertheless, ‘find your feet’ has primary colours to show that this poster is for teenagers. Subheadings ‘South eastern railway’ article gave more subheadings which makes the reader more enthusiastic in reading the article. So that he/she will know what part they are reading without having to look at it full in detail. Unlike ‘find your feet’ is just a full page picture containing teenagers being active and enjoying themselves walking to school. So this leaflet is really short to read. Visiting Places ‘South eastern Railway’ article informs lots of places, which is worth visiting.
Thus, the author gave offers where a person can go and visit Kent or London. To visit either of these places a person can read a brief information regarding those places . Whereas, ‘find your feet’ has alliteration and a slogan where is again persuading by saying that ‘ditch the ride and walk to school’. It is also telling the audiences to go to school, where they go everyday which is not something new. Moreover, on ‘South eastern railway’ the author has featured two trains, one is fast and other is normal. Fast trains are for to visit big towers as well as cities.
On the other side the small trains are for to visit the small towers and small cities. Purpose ‘South eastern Railway’ is really essential for everyday use as it is mentioned above, and their purpose is to persuade the adults to use trains to visit various places as part of their break. They can also take the privilege of their new offers which is 20% off from their original price. Whereas, the second theme/text has a lot of differences in comparing their colours, purpose, audiences etc. Their purpose is to make the teenagers walk to school, instead of using any motor vehicles or transports.
The reason being is that, so that they can have healthy life and have a bit of time with their friends as its mentioned in the poster. Similarities Colour In ‘Southeastern Railway’ leaflet contains colourful pictures to show the beauty of those places which are worth to visit. This is another way to make the article interesting and it also gives you the chance to visualize, because without them it would look very dull and boring. On the other side, ‘fid your feet’ has use of primary colours to show the inspiration to the audiences to follow their message. Bold Text
Additionally, ’South eastern Railway’ leaflet gave out numerous amounts of bold texts and headings, so that the reader can have an impact on it. Not only that they have opened their website, so that the others can also have a look at their detailed information such as: 20% off offer, places to visit, off peak times etc. Conclusion In conclusion, it is a great idea to have these various types of colours to communicate with the audiences. That is what ‘Southeastern railway’ and ‘Find your feet’ in order to get the audience’s attention. It is recommendable to add the extra features and formal style of English to communicate with the reader.

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Comparison of Two Texts
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