Compare Motown to Southern Soul music

For this activity, you will take a detailed look at the differences between the Motown and Southern Soul.Begin by listening to the songs listed below and watching them perform on youtube.Motown:Temptations: I’m Losing You The Supremes: Baby Love The Four Tops: I Can’t Help Myself Stax:Otis Redding Try a Little TendernessAretha Franklin Respect Sam and Dave: Soul Man As you are listening, take note of the following:Does one style sound more “polished” than the other? By “polished”, I mean having more controlled and structured complex arrangementsDoes one group of artists look and act more “polished” then the other?How is the instrumentation different?How are the singing styles different?After carefully listening to and analyzing the songs, address the questions above. You may also do some outside listening on your own of the artists mentioned. Be sure to justify your response by referencing specific songs and using in text citation for all references made to the songs. Minimum of 250 words


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