Statement of Work Goal To modernize the technological capabilities of the law firm of Tombs, Hoaks, Ugli, and Gaph (THUG) increasing its customer service levels, efficiency, security, accessibility, and reliability.

To perform the installation of a reliable, secure, and easy – to – use business network and system s capable of scalable expansion within a five month schedule .

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Scope Plan and execute the installation of centralize d data storage with secure backups , printing centralization , increase of the firm’s web presence, standardization of the computer O perating S ystem s (OS) and office productivity software , an increase in the customer service level, reduction of er rors, and an increase in efficiency.

This will be accomplished by integrating a Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless LAN (WLAN), an email platform, Internet access with a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), a n interactive web site, a social media pres ence, file storing and sharing capabilities, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, legal – management Content Management System (CMS) software, a Storage Area Network (SA N) with virtualized servers, a backup and recovery solution, web bill payment, an Instant Messaging (IM) platform, video conferencing capability, and a Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) solution.

Deliverables Final:

 Installation and integration of m oderniz ed technological network and systems of the THUG law firm Intermediary :

 Change request forms using form CR – 2  Status r eports using form SR – 1  Test result forms using form TR – 4  Installed and tested network hardware and cabling including T1 connection service , CSU/DSU router, Gigabit (GB) switches, CAT 6 Ethernet cabling to workstations and printers, and Wireless Access Points (WAP)  Installed and tested middleware hardware including the SAN, backup server, and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)  Installed and tested leased multi – function printers  Installed and tested VoIP phones  Installed and tested conference room LED televisions  Installed and tested middleware software including Microsoft Exchange e mail system , Windows Server 2012 R2 OS for servers, Microsoft Hyper – V virtualized server management system, Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) data backup solution , Legal – management CMS package, RightFax FoIP solution, and Cisco Jabber IM platform  Designed, approved, and completed i nteractive web site with customer accounting capabilities  Installed and tested workstation software including Windows 10 OS, Microsoft Office 2016, and Cisco Jabber IM clients  Implemented Facebook and Instagram social media accounts  Completed THUG employee training Cost and Schedule Estimates The estimated budget for the project is approximately $ 66,000 . The final budget for the project is to be determined after the winning vendor bid is selected. Any changes to the project budget beyond 10% must be reviewed by representatives of THUG with contract renegotiation.

The project should start at the begin ning of June 2016 and finish by the end of October 2016.

The following is an overview of the project phases. A detailed schedule with milestones is listed in the Schedule and Milestones section of this document. There are seven phases of the project, wh ich include initiation, analysis, design, testing, implementation, post – implementation, and review. The two week initiation phase will document the details of the project’s goal, scope, needs, costs, resources, constraints, and deliverables. The three we ek analysis phase will detail the current situation and solution options. The three week design phase will specify the components and specifications to implement the project. The four week testing phase will examine the solutions in a non – production envi ronment. The five week implementat ion phase will roll – out the tested solutions to a parallel production environment and include end – user training . The three week post – implementation phase will complete the switch from the old systems and remove them. Th e one week review phase will detail the success measurements of the deliverables. Any changes to the project duration beyond 10% must be reviewed by representatives of THUG with contract renegotiation .

A final project walk – through and demonstration will be hosted by the contractor for selected THUG executives at the finish of the final milestone prior to the official close of the project.

Constraints  The pr oject must be completed within the specified five month time frame  Required hardware and software may not be available within the project time frame  Sponsor selection of the winning vendor bid may be delayed  Contract negotiations with the selected vendor may be delayed  Contract or key project team personnel may leave during the project  Equipment and cabling installation must conform to local fire regulations and building codes Schedule and Milestones The vendor is responsible for providing the necessary resources to accomplish all phases of the project. The following schedule must be adhered to with a maximum delay of 10%. The conclusion of each phase represents one of the seven milestones (MS) in the project. At the conclusion of MS7, a project completion sign – off document will be completed.

Phase 1 – Initiation The initiation phase will start on June 1, 2016 and have a duration of 10 work days, finishing on June 1 4 , 2016 (MS1) .

The vendor is required to produce documentation of the details of the project’s purpose , scope, needs, costs , schedule , and deliverables following the outline d information in this document and present it to THUG for review and approval .

Phase 2 – Analysis The analysis phase will start on June 15, 2016 and have a duration of 15 work days, finishing on July 6, 2016 (MS2) .

The v endor will analyze the current systems that THUG employs and develop solution options coinciding with the desired network and systems specified in the scope of this document.

THUG employees will be made available at the vendor’s request for current networ k and systems interviews. The resulting material will be presented to THUG for review, choice selection, and approval.

Once selections are made, hardware and software orders will be placed and MS2 will be complete . Phase 3 – Design The design phase will start on July 7, 2016 and have a duration of 15 work days, finishing on July 27, 2016 (MS3) .

The vendor will list in detail the specific components of the hardware and software to implement during the project . Also included will be a network diagram showing the interconnectivity of components. Both items will be presented to THUG for MS3 review and approval.

Phase 4 – Testing The testing phase will start on July 28 , 2016 and have a duration of 20 work days, finishing on August 24 , 2 016 (MS4) .

All new hardware and software will be installed and tested by the vendor in a non – production environment .

Network components will be installed and tested first :

T1 connection service with a smart jack , a Cisco CSU/DSU 1921 router, two Cisco 3750G series Gigabit (GB) switches, CAT 6 Ethernet cabling to workstations and printers, and four Cisco Small Business 300 series WAP s.

Next, the Dell Equallogic SAN, Dell R series backup server, and APC Smart – UPS 5000VA UPS will be installed an d tested . Then the office hardware is to be installed and tested : 26 Cisco 7800 series VoIP phones, two leased Ricoh MP4002 multi – function printers, and two Sony Bravia LED 42” conference room televisions. Once all network hardware is in place, software is to be installed and tested:

Microsoft Exchange email system, an interactive web site with customer accounting capabilities, Facebook and Instagram social media corporate accounts , the Cisco Jabber IM platform, the RightFax FoIP solution, the chosen le gal – management CMS package (MyCase or Laserfiche), Windows 10 OS and Microsoft Office 2016 for workstations, Windows Server 2012 R2 OS for servers, Microsoft Hyper – V virtualized server mana gement software, and Microsoft DPM data backup software solution. The vendor will ensure the new network and systems perform to the following criteria:

workstation data requests to local servers on the internal network should be responded to within 150ms at peak usage times. Wireless request response times should not e xceed 350ms during peak usage. External data transmissions should have a throughput of 1.5Mbps. The SAN must have a minimum of 60% free space to accommodate future scalability. Unacceptable variances in any test must be resolved and retested prior to ph ase closure. The vendor will document and provide all test results on form TR – 4 to THUG at the completion of each test.

MS4 will be reached and p ermission to proceed to Phase 5 will be given by THUG after t he successful completion of all tests.

Phase 5 – Implementation The implementat ion phase will start on August 25, 2016 and have a duration of 2 5 work days, finishing on September 29, 2016 (MS5) .

The vendor will migrate the new network and systems to a production environment running parallel to the old environment. The vendor will perform production testing with mock security violations and various network and system outages. The vendor will produce a risk assessment, a control spreadsheet, and disaster recovery procedures. The vendor will also provi de training to the end – users and migrate them to the new environment.

Once all users are migrated to the new system and functioning normally, THUG will verify MS5 has been reached .

Phase 6 – Post – implementation The post – implementation phase will start on September 30, 2016 and have a duration of 15 work days, finishing on October 21 , 2016 (MS6) .

The vendor will assist end – users as necessary, verify all activity on the old systems has stopped, power down the specifically related equipment , and remove those components .

THUG will verify old system retirement and all intermediary deliverables are complete be for e approving MS6 completion . Phase 7 – Review The review phase will start on October 24, 2016 and have a duration of 5 work days, finishing on Oc tober 28, 2016 (MS7) .

The vendor will provide a comparative list of project estimates to actuals , meet all the success and acceptance criteria, complete the final deliverable, and give a final project walk – through and demonstration to THUG executives.

Af ter these tasks are complete, MS7 and the project will be considered complete and signed – off.

Responsibilities THUG will sponsor the project, provide its budget, and authorize or deny project changes beyond 10% of scope. The vendor will be responsible for overseeing all phases of the project, facilitating meetings with THUG management, updating the status of the project with regular weekly reports to THUG representatives , and obtaining approval from THUG representatives prior to any cost or schedule overruns . Variances beyond 10% in cost or duration will prompt a renegotiation of the contract .

The contracting vendor will submit weekly status reports – using SR – 1 forms , invoices, and any requested changes – using the CR – 2 Change Requ est form .

The vendor is responsible for obtaining all appropriate permits .

Other than for project materials and units, invoices from the vendor will be paid after the completion of MS7 and the requirements in the Success and Acceptance Criteria section of this document have been met. The vendor will ensure p urchased e quipment and software will be delivered without delays from their suppliers .

The vendor will complete rigorous testing in a non – production environment of all hardware and software providing documented test results on form TR – 4 to THUG representatives in advance of milestone dea d lines .

The vendor will provide all of the appropriately skilled personnel and ensure their availability when needed throughout the project . Succes s and Acceptance Criteria Testing:

 All new hardware and software pieces must pass rigorous testing by the vendor in a non – production environment prior to roll – out  The vendor will document and provide all test results on form TR – 4 to THUG at the completion of each test.

 Unacceptable variances in any test must be resolved with software reinstallation and reconfiguration and/or hardware replacement at the vendor’s expense  Succes sful production environment testing after roll – out and prior to the cut – over from the old system Time frame :

 All phases of the project will be completed within 10% of the five month duration  Ordered hardware and software must arrive in a timely manner and test successfully  End – users must be available for training at their appointed times  Vendor k ey resources must be available when necessary Cost:

 Appropriate funding must be in hand or secured prior to vendor contract negotiations.

 The project will be completed within 10% of the approved budget.

Objective s :

 All intermediate and final deliverables listed in the Deliverables section of this document must be met and function as designed  The final product will be scalable to easily manage future growth  THUG will be pleased with the efficiency, power, speed, security, and ease -of-use of the new network and system s Works Cited Dean, Tamara. Network + Guide to Networks . Ed. Stephen Helba. 6th. Boston: Course Technology, 2013. Print. e-COACH. Project Management: Statement of Work . n.d. Web. 28 February 2016. . Fitzgerald, Jerry, Alan Dennis and Alexandra Durcikova. Business Data Communications and Networking . 11th. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012. Mingus, Nancy. Alpha Teach Yourself Project Management in 24 Hours . Madison: CWL Publishing, 2002. Print. Pratt, Mary K. How to Write a Statement of Work . 22 May 2006. Web. 28 February 2016. .

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