Commercial EHR Vendors

This assignment will demonstrate some understanding of course objective 8 and will provide an understanding required for demonstration of an understanding of several CAHIIM outcomes.Critical thinking questions: Type the answers in a Word document using proper spelling and grammar. Cite any sources. Submit the answers to this questions to the assignments link in Sakai.1. In your own words, define Meaningful Use.2. What does the following acronyms stand for:CEHRTCHPLHITECHARRAHITCMSMUHIMSSONCNIST3. Imagine you are the manager of a health clinic. A representative from an EHR vendor is there to sell you on switching to their EHR – a new EHR based on VistA’s open source EHR – which meets the changes issued in 2015 for meeting meaningful use. The representative tells you that the EHR is equipped with CPOE. What does this mean?4. As the manager, you have been asked to research some of the more affordable EHRs that could be implemented in the health clinic. You know that implementing an open source based EHR would be more cost effective. What other advantages would there be?5. Describe the systems development lifecycle and how this will apply to the EHR implementation in your clinic.6. The EHRGo EHR is an educational version of a Meaningful Use certified EHR system currently in use in hospitals and clinics worldwide, commonly known as VistA.A. What is your opinion of the advantages of practicing in an educational EHR that meets the same requirements of a commercial EHR used in practice? Support your opinion.B. How do you think your experience with EHRGo will help you, or hinder you, when going to healthcare facilities that do not use the VistA EHR? Support your opinion.


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