collect and analyze data for this assignment

NOTE: It is not necessary to collect and analyze data for this assignment *******

Submit a prospectus or research plan that incorporates the finalized version of one of the problem statements and corresponding research questions/hypotheses and purpose statements developed in this course. Please not too long something short and simple please and Internet references for verification.

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collect and analyze data for this assignment
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Include the study’s independent and dependent variables, population, geographical location I live in Hampton, VA and significance in the plan.

This research plan will establish a theoretical framework for a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed research method study.

Evaluate and discuss the appropriateness of your theoretical framework selection, including your reasons for method and design selection relative to the information you think will be needed to answer and test the research questions/hypotheses.

The product you submit for this assignment should be specific to one of the problem statements. Include a discussion on the theoretical framework for a quantitative, qualitative or mixed research methodology.

Statement of the Problem

Background of the Problem

Purpose of the Study

Significance of the Study

Significance of the Study to Leadership

Nature of the Study

Research Questions

Hypotheses (remember that hypotheses are normally used only in quantitative and or mixed research studies)

Conceptual Framework

Definition of Terms




Scope of the Study


Problem Statement 1

In today’s business setup, most employees experience immense challenges when it comes to human resource management. The challenges are on the cost, for example the hiring process cost, training cost, healthcare benefits, etc. that determine the success or failure. It is even a trend nowadays that workers get laid off to keep the company afloat whenever a business is doing poorly economically.

Cost is a significant challenge that should be addressed so that the human resource remains motivated (Friedman, 2020). The costs accrued are sometimes expensive upfront and takes too much for the business to handle. Companies should devise ways to monitor their costs to ensure their businesses are healthy moneywise and when it comes to employee relations.

It becomes costly for a business to have to constantly recruit employees because they were handled improperly by a supervisor. Education, plays a significant role in human labor. The level of education determines the average pay a worker receives weekly. How can businesses cut the cost and overcome the challenges while still keeping human resources at bay?


Cassidy, J. (2021, January 30). The Three Biggest Lessons of the Coronavirus Economy. The

New Yorker.


Friedman, E. (2020, April 6). Council Post: Top Five Issues Facing Human Resources In 2020.



Libraries. (2021) Human Resource Management:1.3 Today’s HRM Challenges.

Purpose Statement

            The purpose of this correlational study is to establish the effects of cost-cutting measures/strategies on both employee motivation and employee turnover among the staff of leading American Airlines conducted using questionnaires and data analyzed using ANOVA (analysis of variance) method. 

            The independent variable in this study is cost-cutting measures, which is a collective proxy for strategies like hiring highly qualified staff, extending health benefits, and embracing lean hiring and training process among others. One of the dependent variables, in this case, is employee motivation which is closely associated with good employee relations and employee satisfaction.

Good employee relations and employee satisfaction boil down to employee welfare, which is an essential factor and it is the reason employers provide employees with good remuneration and other benefits which enhance motivation (Chatterjee et al., 2018). The other dependent variable is employee turnover rate which is a proxy for the difference between employees who are retained and those who are laid off as the company implements cost-cutting measures to stay afloat while having minimal effect on its human resource.

Overall, cost-cutting measures are expected to negatively affect staff morale as collectively espoused by employee motivation and employee turnover rate, which in turn affects employee performance (Mashau & Makhunga, 2018). The choice of correlational study which is a quantitative method is appropriate as it allows the researcher to investigate relationships between study variables; in this case, cost-cutting measures, which are employee motivation and employee satisfaction.

Finally, with a quantitative research study, one can use scientific methods for data collection and analysis to make generalization possible with this type of approach (Mashau & Makhunga, 2018). In this case, data is collected using questionnaires and analyzed using ANOVA.


Baskaran, S., Lay, H. S., Ming, B. S., & Mahadi, N. (2020). Technology Adoption and Employee’s Job Performance: An Empirical Investigation. International Journal of Academic Research in Economics and Management and Sciences,’s_Job_Performance_An_Empirical_Investigation

Chatterjee, S., Wadhwa, M., & Patel, D. (2018). A study on Employee Welfare and its Impact on their Performance at Private Hospitals and its Research Centre-Cross Sectional Descriptive Study.



Daniel, E. (2016). The Usefulness of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches and Methods in Researching Problem-Solving Ability in Science Education Curriculum. Journal of Education and Practice.

Dudovskiy, J. (2018). The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Dissertation in Business Studies: A Step-by-Step Assistance. E-book, 1st edition,

Mashau, P., & Makhunga, M. (2018, December). The Effects of Cost Cutting measures to Staff

Performance. African Renaissance. Proquest. https://1d11tbwwh-mp02-y-https-search-


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