Clinical Psychologist Beverly Christine Daniel Tatum

I am doing a research Power Point Presentation project focusing on the life/work of a BIPOC psychologist, Beverly Christine Daniel Tatum in the mental health field. I need some slides reviewing her Biographical Information, her Educational History, and her Professional History. I know this is general information, but I would like it to be deeper than that, and showcase why she went into the work she did specializing in diversity and multicultural organizational development.Power Point and Reference List (APA style) with 2-3 documented sources. Absolutely No web based sources, please . Ex. you may not use Wikipedia or other sources that can not be attributed to an authenticated source. I would like to use the last writer I used ,who seemed to work in the Psychology/Mental Health field, but they are not showing up as an option for me to use. My order # was 116503. Is this possible?

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Clinical Psychologist Beverly Christine Daniel Tatum
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