Project Objectives
To research a specific issue (Contraband Control) in the field of correctional management
To critically analyze journal articles that reflects current or recent perspectives on that issue.

Find two (2) journal articles relating to the impact of the introduction of contraband, specifically cellular telephones, into correctional facilities.

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Identify at least two methods used by inmates to introduce contraband into correctional facilities.
Explain why the possession of cellular phones by inmates is a serious security issue in a correctional institution.
Summarize the main points of both articles and then compare those main points.  Do the articles reach the same conclusion?

The introduction of contraband into correctional institutions (specifically cellular phones).
Format Requirements:
Paper should be a minimum of three, maximum of five pages in APA format.
Narrative pages; Double space, 12 pt. font, 
1″ margins
Use APA format guidelines for all in-text and reference page citations
Include reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in page count)
NOTE: All source materials cited on the reference page must have a corresponding in-text citation in the narrative of the paper.
Additionally create a cover page for you assignment (not included in the page count)
Include your name
Course title and number
Project title
Date of Submission


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