Choose one element that you notice in (Agamemnon, Hamlet, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock)

Need help with my writing homework on Choose one element that you notice in (Agamemnon, Hamlet, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock). Explain the similarities and differences as you compare the development in each work of your chosen element. Write a 500 word paper answering; Agamemnon, Hamlet, ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock Agamemnon, Hamlet and ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock areliteral works that are world renowned for their masterly of literal stylistic devices that give the authors’ message substance and meaning. The themes contained in these works of art range from love, hatred and revenge among other subthemes which battle for supremacy in the readers’ mind and conscience. A careful analysis of these works demonstrates some notable similarities in their development and atrocities experienced by the protagonists in the plot. There are also some differences that are accrued from further analysis of these works chief among them the authors’ clarity of ideas and intended themes. To adequately enjoy and gain insights into these works, the reader should endeavor to discern all the notable similarities and differences in these pieces of literature.

Hamlet is a story line made famous by William Shakespeare who wrote the plot of the story to be depicted as a play, which makes it a world acclaimed piece of literature and theatrical prose. Hamlet is bent on avenging his father’s death, and this exposes the reader to other aspects of the protagonist’s character that can be construed to be part of the author’s intention and insight to the reader. Hamlet’s vengeance exposes his insecurity leading him to commit incestuous acts with his kin in an effort to secure his dominance and authority. This is an aspect that is present in the ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock’ in the sense that his insecurities lead him to reveal his inner-self unconsciously. The difference between the two is that in Hamlet, Prince Hamlet quest is fulfilled with the murder of his Uncle the focus of his revenge and hatred. Unlike Hamlet, J. Alfred Prufock’s insecurities and inadequacies haunt him for the rest of the poem, and the reader is left wondering or yearning to know the outcome or the true end of the story. Agamemnon as a play also presents a dilemma, which is also present in all the literal works under discussion (Aeschylu, Raeburn and Thomas 118).

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Choose one element that you notice in (Agamemnon, Hamlet, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock)
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Hamlet is in a dilemma on how he is going to redeem himself in the eyes of his people as their king in the presence of his overbearing uncle. He is also unsure of his mother’s involvement in the murder of his father due to her speedy remarriage to his uncle whom he suspects as his father’s killer (Crowl 169). Agamemnon is in a dilemma as to the future of his position upon his return from the Trojan War, an aspects he battles with till his ultimate death or murder. The inconclusiveness of Agamemnon’s fate is reflected in J. Alfred Prusock’s fate in the poem (Ackerley 67). This is in the sense that there are no viable solutions for both of their dilemmas because the plot ends prematurely or it was the author’s intention to seek the reader’s advanced engagement. Hamlet is different from Agamemnon even if they share themes such as moral corruption revenge, mortality and appearance and reality. This is illustrated by suffering and human fragility as it is not seen as one of Hamlets primary concerns despite his stature as his people’s king.

These literal works are classic examples of how timelines can be brought together by man’s human nature. This works to represent different dimensions and situation through which human interaction can be achieved, and at the same time appreciate their diversity.

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