Childrens Chores

While middle childhood is the developmental period centered on the child’s growing inclusion in the wider social world, school-age children are also able to participate more fully in the responsibilities of family life.
Incorporate your answers to these questions in a 1- 2 page paper.   
1. Imagine you are the parent of a 7-year-old child. What household tasks would you assign to your 7-year-old son? to your 7-year-old daughter?
2. How might the school child’s responsibilities at home affect his or her ability to cope with everyday problems in adolescence and adulthood—for better or for worse?
3. How often are these tasks performed (or how much time do they take)?
4. What tasks do you think would be appropriate for an 11-year-old son? for an 11-year-old daughter?
5. How often are these tasks performed (or how much time do they take)?
6.  In your hypothetical family (indicate the number of members and their ages), how are the decisions made about the division of household responsibilities?
7. If you can remember them, describe your own responsibilities at home
during the school years.


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