Chang Dental

Read the instructions and the attached Excel spreadsheet thoroughly before starting the project!


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Chang Dental
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1. Perform a qualitative analysis on a capital budgeting project.2. Perform a valuation analysis on an existing business.3. Perform scenario analysis (that makes business sense!)


1. Discuss the risks and rewards of investing in Chang Dental from Chris Miller’s perspective using a SWOT analysis.2. Discuss the base case valuation provided to you.3. Run scenario analyses on key variables using information from the case.4. Make your final recommendation on whether or not Chris Miller should buy Chang Dental.


Task 1: Use the information given in the case, but don’t be afraid to include your own experiences with dentists in your analysis.

Task 2: Use the Excel file posted. In sheets “Exh1” and “Exh2” are the financial statement data. In sheet  “Base_Case” is the completed base case valuation forecast.(xlsx.project)

Task 3: Use the case as a guide for scenarios. Do not just randomly make scenarios.

Submission Instructions:

You should submit your completed work in a Word document and Excel file.


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