Cell Phones Should Not Be Used While Driving.

I will pay for the following article Cell Phones Should Not Be Used While Driving. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The essay contains persuasive various philosophical and scientific arguments backed up with convincing statistics that clearly indicate the danger of using cell phones while driving.

The use of cell phones simultaneously while operating motor vehicles should be discouraged heavily because it is a very hazardous trend. This trend endangers the life of the driver and other road users and oblivious pedestrians. Cell phones have become part-and-parcel of human life, influencing communication, and other aspects of human behavior. If these useful devices are not used in the right contexts, they can be equally dangerous1. For drivers, for instance, cell phones are a major cause of distraction since they draw the driver’s attention away from the road and off the steering wheel to focus on the cell phone. The driver is expected to have all his attention on the road as any distraction is likely to make him lose control of the motor vehicle. Recent scientific studies support the fact that drivers are less likely to concentrate on their job while using cell phones at the same time. Using cell phones by texting, making or receiving calls, playing games, or browsing the internet should be discouraged strongly among drivers because it jeopardizes the driver’s life as well as that of many other road users, increases the rate of road accident-related deaths, and leads to recklessness on the road.

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Cell Phones Should Not Be Used While Driving.
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Drivers who use cell phones not only jeopardize their lives but also other road users and innocent bystanders. Using cell phones while driving simultaneously is a life-threatening experience that can have disastrous results for road users. The use of cell phones while driving reduces a driver’s reaction time during an emergency on the road2. A recent study by the University of Utah released in the journal of psychological science affirms that drivers conversing on mobile phones are twice as likely to hit people in front of them. This is attributed to the slow reaction of these drivers that results in slow breaking, as well as slower acceleration after breaking. According to national statistics in the US National Traffic Safety Institute released in 2011, about 11, 388 people die annually, and 31 others die daily because of cell phone-related road accidents.

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