Parks and Recreation

For the 1st activity please choose recreation (parks & rec), I currently work in this industry. For the 2nd activity site visit of Parker Field House (website is, I’ve also attached pictures for reference & to add to assignment. For the 3rd activity please utilize field house manager job description (see attached job description). […]

Propoor Tourism in Iran

1. Background of Study Tourism is clearly of large importance for developing countries. Islamic Republic of Iran, by having great natural resources and historical back ground and heritages should be able to make a great use of these potentials to create a healthy and on growing economy. Recently, government of Iran has started to invest […]

How to Boost Tourism

How to boost tourism in Singapore? (Taking into consideration of hotel and food & beverage) table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Singapore Tourism Board (STB) 3. Overview of the trend of Singapore’s tourism 4. The impacts of tourism in Singapore perspective 5. Current situation of Singapore tourism 6. Strategic response for the situation 7. Conclusion […]

Expedia vs Thomas Cook, the E-Tourism

This new way of preparing and booking a travel has totally transformed the travel market in etiologic terms: changing of customer behavior; and In economic term: reduction of costs, low price, competitiveness… Bit by bit, the place of offline agencies become less important, creating a disruption in the market. These agencies have seen their sales […]

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