Psychological Statistics

Please use the article given below with the excel sheet.

Factorial ANOVA

You MUST use the Article Provided for the Article Critique. You MUST use the TEMPLATE provided for the Article Critique. These are the instructions of the professor – she is VERY specific. You MUST Follow the Format in the TEMPLATE and Answer the questions in the Template provided. I have provided in the attachment 3 […]

Four scales of management

Psychologist Stanley Smith Stevens developed the best-known classification with four levels, or scales, of measurement: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. Compare and contrast Stevens’s four scales of measurement and explain when each type of scale should be used.

percentile point data

A professor teaching a large introductory class gives a final exam that has alternate forms, A, B, and C. A student taking the exam using Form B is upset because she claims that Form B is much harder than Forms A and C. Discuss how percentile point data might be useful to determine if the […]

construct a persuasive argument for the value (conditional probability, odds, odds ratio, etc.) that

construct a persuasive argument for the value (conditional probability, odds, odds ratio, etc.) that, intuitively, makes the most sense for you to report as a result to your audience. Be sure to provide a specific rationale for your choice.

Deliverable 7 Statistics Instructions You are currently working at NCLEX Memorial Hospital in the I

Deliverable 7 Statistics InstructionsYou are currently working at NCLEX Memorial Hospital in the Infectious Diseases Unit. Over the past few days, you have noticed an increase in patients admitted with a particular infectious disease. You believe that the ages of these patients play a critical role in the method used to treat the patients. You […]

Quality Control

Part 2:Show your work and explain your process for determining the solution for each of these problems on a word document with the solution given below the problem. If Excel was used, please indicate that as well on the word document. A word document and/or the Excel Workbook (if used) should be submitted to the Dropbox with […]

Deliverable 4-Hypotesis Tests-Statistics Competency Given a real-life application, develop a hypothesis

Deliverable 4-Hypotesis Tests-StatisticsCompetencyGiven a real-life application, develop a hypothesis test for a population parameter and its interpretation.InstructionsScenario (information repeated for deliverable 01, 03, and 04)A major client of your company is interested in the salary distributions of jobs in the state of Minnesota that range from $30,000 to $200,000 per year. As a Business Analyst, […]

Deliverable 5- hypothesis tests for two sample statistics

Competency Deliverable 5Formulate and evaluate hypothesis tests for population parameters based on sample statistics using both Critical Regions and P-Values, and be able to state results in a non-technical way that can be understood by consumers of the data instead of statisticians.Dealing with Two PopulationsInferential statistics involves forming conclusions about a population parameter. We do […]

Deliverable 6-Analysis with Correlation and Regression Competency Determine and interpret the linear

Deliverable 6-Analysis with Correlation and RegressionCompetencyDetermine and interpret the linear correlation coefficient, and use linear regression to find a best fit line for a scatter plot of the data and make predictions.ScenarioAccording to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the probability of a magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquake in the Greater Bay Area is 63%, about […]

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