Developmental Milestones Chart

Construct a chart (or a visual of your choosing, Word table, Excel chart, etc.) of age-related developmental milestones. Theorists who MUST be included at each appropriate age level are Piaget, Kohlberg, Bandura, Vygotsky, Erikson, Mahler, and Jung. Other theorists of your choosing should also be included (minimum of three). Your visual should include:Describe the essential […]

End of life: Theories on Death and Dying

Pretend you are a hospice volunteer and are helping terminally ill patient and their families. Use theories presented by Nagy and Kubler-Ross and explain how they would help you to better understand their circumstances.


Describe ways in which people experience grief and the functions it serves. Consider religious beliefs and cultural differences; as well as differences between child and adult, in your response. How might a person with the Christian Worldview handle the stages of dying, including late decline and eventual acceptance of their death?

Human Development

Observe or interview a child or adult in the age range of interest to you. Include the following in the case study.Give a brief physical description of the person observed.Discuss the cognitive, social, moral, and emotional development of the person observed, using concepts and terms in psychology of Human Development.

Case Study On Daniel

Please review the attached Case Study on Daniel and then do the following using the DSM-5:1) What other questions, if any, would you ask Daniel in the initial interview? (List a few.) 2) Would you utilize any formal assessment tools? If yes, what?3) Give a provisional DSM 5 diagnosis, label and code. Then you may […]

Late Adulthood

Brainstorm ideas on how our country can move away from ageist negative stereotypes (As predicted by the disengagement theory) and move toward a or positive active role for senior citizens (as predicted by the activity theory)

self-esteem and social media

complete step 1 (within 10 days) and step 2 (within 20 days) see attachment for step 2. 12 peer reviewed scholarly journals and 3 electronic sources relating to the correlation between self-esteem and time spent on social media. References page according to current APA standards- develop a correct APA reference for each source type, alphabetically […]

Early & Middle Adulthood

Consider the physical changes that occurred from early to middle adulthood and discuss what changes in nutrition and exercise need to occur for middle-aged adults to stay healthy and fit

Fluid and crystallized intelligence

Using theories of Paiget, Labouvie-Vief and Denney, and the concept of fluid and crystallized intelligence, explain changes in cognitive function in early and middle adulthood

Article Summary: Early or middle adulthood

locate a peer reviewed article that discusses a relevant topic in early/middle adulthood. Summarize the major tenets of the article, apply a psychological theory to the topic and discuss a personal reaction statement related to the article. The length of the personal reaction should match that of the major tenets and describe specifically what you […]

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